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I’ve been feeling a lot of disappointment lately.. In a lot of things. This feeling of disappointment is so tiring and I can’t help but feel like it stems from me.

Did I not plan things out well enough so that things would happen? Am I not communicating how I feel and what I had expected? Why am I wanting these things and are they really that important?

Am I expecting too much?

This disappointment isn’t just in the things, people and events around me. But also in myself.. I was always a strong believer that if I wanted something bad enough, that I am fully capable of makng it happen. So if I’m feeling let down, I obviously didn’t try hard enough. And it all comes back to letting myself down

Sticking to my resolution #1

I went to bed last night after watching a video of someone speaking about how our lives are what we choose them to be. Talking about how the opportunities to seize are the ones that are present TODAY and that we can be happy, when we CHOOSE to be happy. It just left me so… refreshed.

I know that I am truly happy because I choose not to focus so much energy on little things that have gone wrong. And that things can go right in my life, when I take the initiative and be proactive.

Things can only happen in my life when I seize those open opportunities. When I would complain about not being able to make a decision, Eric would always tell me “BOO HOO you have choices”. So this week, I am grateful that I have options. That I live in a place that allows me to have so many choices and decisions to make on my own and to truly be able to choose what my future looks like.

PS. I won’t be posting my “what i’m grateful” stuff each week. I just the ones that I feel like people could take something from